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A global player

With a monthly production of almost 4000 tons of chrome bars and 800 tons of skived and roller burnished tubes, ASO Cromsteel S.A. is firmly established as one of the main European manufacturers in the hydraulics and linear motion industries.

Thanks to massive investments in the last 3 years we have built a fully integrated vertical production of a wide range of products, not only for standard and mainstream materials, but also for big diameter bars and tubes and inside chrome plated tubes.

Prime quality standards, a consolidated sales experience to 70 countries worldwide, and an excellent customer service make ASO Cromsteel S.A. and its affiliated companies highly reliable partners for OEMs and distributors.

A short history, dense with events

ASO Cromsteel S.A. was founded in 1999 in Targoviste, near Bucharest, thanks to a project led by Italian entrepreneurs.
In quite a short timespan the company is transformed from a production works for semi-finished and low precision bars to a full-cycle manufacturing plant for high technology products for hydraulics and linear motion.

Dedicated investments, cutting-edge know-how contributed by international specialists, and a strong commercial activity have led ASO Cromsteel S.A. from an annual turnover of few thousand Euros to 60 millions.

Today we employ a staff of 400 people work in our 35,000 m2 (on our 100,000 m2 land property) in Targoviste.

The ongoing automation effort in several production processes will allow to further speed up the already excellent delivery time, to ensure an ideal assistance and need of our customers, in any part of the world.
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The widest product range

Nobody matches the wide production range of ASO Cromsteel S.A.
We are able to supply in short time any quantity of several materials in any size (see “Products” to learn about the production range).

Corrosion resistance

The highly automated production processes allow ASO Cromsteel to deliver chrome plated products with an optimal corrosion resistance.
For demanding applications we recommend our “Cromsteel-500” series.
ASO Cromsteel S.A.
Laminorului 16
130089 Targoviste (Dambovita)

Ph: +40 (245) 213 261
Fax: +40 (245) 213 360
ASO Cromsteel S.A. is an
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